1) Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of MPB attack. Evaluate the degree of risk to pine trees on your property. Is the property close to an infested fore st? Are there infested trees on your property or in the general area?

2) Practice prevention. Remove and destroy infested trees by June 1 before beetles emerge to attack nearby trees. Do not bring infested firewood onto your property. If the pine trees are at risk of attack keep them well watered.

3) If your pine trees are at risk, consider protecting them. Trees can be protected by spraying the trunks with an insecticide or by applying a repellent pheromone prior to July 1.

4) During the fall season evaluate MPB damage to your pine trees and develop a management plan that utilizes prevention and protection if necessary. The current infestation in Montana will likely last for at lea st another 3 to 5 more years.