Trees ranging from 15′ to 25′ that have showy flower, fruit or foliage throughout the seasons. The following list includes trees we offer and recommend for the Billings area.

Rudolph Crabapple 16’H x 13’W
Thornless Hawthorne 18’H x 15’W
Snowdance Lilac Tree 18’H x 20’W
Gladiator Crabapple 20’H x 10’W
Starlite Crabapple 20’H x 15’W
Hot Wings Maple 20’H x 15’W
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry 20’H x 15
Ivory Silk Lilac Tree 20’H x 15’W
Showy Mountain Ash 20’H x 16’W
Canada Red Chokecherry 20’H x 18’W
Klehm’s Bechtel Crabapple 20’H x 20’W
Spring Snow Crabapple 25’H x 15’W
Perfect Purple Crabapple 25’H x 20’W